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Step by step Netbox install

This tutorial covers the installation of Netbox onto Ubuntu Server version 19.1. As always start with updating your apt repository. Once updated install the required preqs for installation including git which we will use to clone the latest version of netbox. Run the commands individually. Once installed you need to create a new database and…

Scripting SSH access

Windows, Paramiko and Python This tutorial covers scripting SSH access in Windows using Python and Paramiko. This can be used for a variety of tasks, including network automation and administration. The following technologies are used: Windows 10Python 3Paramiko Python Installation Go to and download the latest version. At the time of writing it was…

Practical network automation series

The aim of this series of tutorials is to provide a set of practical network automation examples that you can use and build upon in day to day life. It does assume you have basic knowledge in using Python.